Matterhorn, Switzerland

Morning light, north wall. Alone on the Matterhorn Nordwand,
and for a few perfect moments it all made sense.
Photo: Chris wright

Pangbuk North, Nepal

Chris and Scott Adamson on top of Pangbuk
North, 6589m after making the peak's first
ascent via Purgation (VI WI6+ M6 R/X).
Photo: Chris Wright

Mont Maudit, France

Waking dream or Kuffner Arete?
Wex walks it either way on Mont Maudit.
photo: Chris Wright

Mont Blanc, France

A few more steps into the light and to the ceiling of Europe.
Photo: Chris Wright

Aiguille du Midi, France

Who says alpine climbing has to mean suffering?
Marc steps through the S-Cracks on the Rebuffat
Route with the Vallee Blanche behind.
Photo: Chris Wright

Mooses Tooth, Alaska

Chris heading out from the bivy on
day three of the first ascent of Terror
(VI WI6 M7 A2 R/X) on the East Face of
the Mooses Tooth.
photo: Scott Adamson


Alpine climbing is the culmination of all the elements of mountaincraft – rock, ice and snow; judgment, partnership and commitment.

Like the diverse mountain landscape, alpine climbing has many faces. Whether your interest is in classical mountaineering or technical alpine climbing, the mountains can offer a venue for self-realization and beauty unparalleled in more common walks of life. The satisfaction of reaching the summit is only half of climbing, the rest is the journey of getting there. Each alpine climb, and each alpine climber’s dream, is as unique as the mountains themselves. Whether you’re ready for the big north faces or just getting started, let us help you find and realize your mountain dreams.

Now!Climbing is proud to offer courses and climbs in some of the most beautiful places on earth. If you don’t quite know what you’re after just yet, be sure to contact us. As mountains are made of many mediums – snow, ice and rock – there are mountains for each of us. My personal favorites combine all three types of climbing, and whether you’re looking to learn the skills you need for rock, ice or snow climbing, anchor and rope systems, glacier travel and crevasse rescue, or just looking to get out into the hills, we can help select a venue and an objective that’s right for you. Whether it’s the classics of the Alps, Andes, Alaska, Himalaya or Rockies, we’ve got you covered.

Whatever your alpine dreams look like, let us know and we’d love to take make them happen.